Four Week Sydney Aerial Circus Introduction Class

Wild Spirit Aerial Arts has classes that range from beginners to professional level. Wild Spirit students have performed at the Australian Circus Festival.

Wild Spirit Aerial Arts Instructors have continued their performing careers and are now with high calibre companies such as  Cirque Du Soleil.

Classes are on

Monday 7:30pm-9

Thursday 7:30pm-9

Currently taking a waitlist for Saturday 10am and Thursday 6:30pm


Is aerial silks dangerous.

It is not dangerous at Wild Spirit Aerial Arts has not had any significant injuries. The worst has been pulled back muscles or a sprained ankle. The risk is greatly minimised by the following:

Low Instructor to student ration 6 to 8 students to one Instructor

A step by step curriculum is followed which builds upon skills.

Trained instructors. At Wild Spirit every Instructor goes through a teacher training program

Aerial Silks Classes Sydney

Is aerial silks hard

It is a challenge. At Wild Spirit we have trained fit athletes, dancers and gymnasts as well as students who have not done any significant exercise for a while. Students from Wild Spirit have gone on to be professional performers or have just enjoyed their regular jobs with a great six pack for when they are in their bathers.

Is aerial silks a good workout and fitness

Aerial circus is an amazing workout. Running aerial routines is the same impact as interval training on weight loss plus it works out upper body and core for a great looking body. Plus it is fun.

aerial hoop classes sydney

Do you need to be flexible and fit

You do not need any previous flexibility or fitness when you start. It will all come with training. .