Children’s Classes

Wild Spirit Aerial Arts offers a fabulous learning program for children. Wild Spirit can take children from beginners through to being professional circus artists. The Instructors are trained in a curriculum that has been designed to develop coordination, fitness, strength and flexibility. At Wild Spirit our teacher to child ratio is 6-8 kids per instructor which gives your child excellent support on their journey into circus arts. They will grow in confidence and skill. At the end of the year their is a student showcase where they get to display their skills.

Children’s Trial Classes

Your child is welcome to do a trial class to see if they like it prior to enrolling.

Children’s Classes Timetable

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Little Wild Spirit's 2-7 year olds.jpg

Little Wild Spirit’s 2-7 year olds

Little Wild Spirits

Wild Spirit offers a wonderful and creative circus learning experience for tiny circus humans. The equipment is set very low and they enjoy the safe environment with the matting.

Junior’s Aerial Classes 7-12 year olds

Junior’s Aerial Circus

Wild Spirit offers primary school aged children a step by step curriculum they follow with a focus on strength, flexibility, coordination and performance.


Teen Classes 12-17 year olds

Teenager’s Aerial Circus

Teenagers will learn the beautiful art of circus. They will have performing opportunities and work on routines. There is a focus on performing and routine development as well as skill development