Pricing + Services

Adults get free unlimited open training when they enrol in a class at Wild Spirit Aerial Arts


Class fees


Free Open Training

Free unlimited open training with every adult enrolment. Children are not allowed to open train due to safety so this is only available to Adults.

Adult Aerial Class Fees

One hour classes $27 per class

90 minute class is $37 per class

two hour aerial $39 per class


Ground Circus

One hour class fee $27

Two hour class fee $37


Children Class fees

$22 per class

Each term is 10 weeks and runs alongside NSW school terms. You can pay either $220 per term, $22 weekly or $44 per fortnight.


Studio Hire

$35 per hour

Open Training

Open training is free for enrolled adult students.

 $15 for people who are not currently enrolled in a Wild Spirit Aerial Arts class.

$35 per week for unlimited open training.