So you want to start aerials?

Choose a class from the timetable and you can either enrol into a trial class or do a four week intro to beginners aerials.

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How to enrol into beginner aerial four week course

You can give aerials a go with our intro four week offer $162.80 inclusive of GST


How to Enrol into a Trial Class

Sometimes you just want to give something a go to see if it is something you would like. Why not enrol into a trial class? Trial classes cost $40.70 inclusive of GST. To enrol in a trial class, please click the button and follow the below instructions:


  1. Click on the class you wish to enrol in using the “Enrol Now or “login”” button.

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3. When you get to the question- What type of enrolment? Please change this from Active to Trial.

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4. Follow the prompts. Please note, it will ask you for your credit card details. You will not be charged for the trial class until you attend the class. A trial class is $38. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier for a trial class so your card can be charged.

Please wear leggings down to our ankles.

Adult Beginner Trial Classes

Adult Beginner Trial Classes